Midi Clock Sync & Optimize the Linux System? Tips and Tricks?

Hello Ardour users,
in the last weaks i build after some steps under Ardour with MS a Linux System with latest Version of Ardour on Ubuntu Studio 16.04. All runs out of the box, and with the Calf Plugins i´m verry happy and do not miss something. I do most recording audio with a Forcusite 2i2 with Realtimekernel. I use a Modular synth, a drumcomputer and a Microbrute Synth.
My first question in the round is, how can i optimze the midi clock sync to my externel gear? i have a offset. E.g i record for testing a simple 4/4 base drum. But it is not on the “one” with click. And i can see in Ardour a offset. Is there a way to optimze? I use the the USB Midi from Micrubrute and for Volca Beats a simple usb midi interface.
My second question is, what optimzing tips? At the moment i have only a old Netbook. It works great, but i will use the most performance that i can have.
Thanks a lot, i hope my english is not so confused :slight_smile:
Greats from German

Sorry i forgot the technicals (i was in the train and my last station was coming :slight_smile:

I run a ASPIRE One 522 Netbook with Ubuntu Studio 64 bit. I use Ardour 5.4.0 with Jack 1.9.11.
I run a latency with no dop offs at 256.

Thanks a lot