Midi clock command

Trying to sync up my Boomerang looper with Ardour so I have set the clock out and it sends the clock command to the looper. The problem is that its also sending a stop command to the looper as well as a continue, and song positions. I know for sure the stop command is giving the looper problems so is it possible through settings or script to remove the stop command. I did find a similar post here https://community.ardour.org/node/7814 on a similar subject and I was wondering if this was something that was still being addressed and would it resolve the problem I am having.


You will need the upcoming bugfix release. I hope to get it out by the end of this week.

Looking forward to the update… and getting my looper to sync.

While waiting for the new release does anyone know of a stand alone program that will send a clock command to midi as well as be a master clock to control Hydrogen ?