Midi CCs in transport control

Hi, guys. So it goes like this:
I got akai mpk mini, it doesn’t have innate transport controls.
But it has pads, which can send cc’s.
How do I use them to control play/stop/rec/etc?
It works fine when I bind these to midi note events, but CC’s are being ignored by transport.

Cheers, thanks.

It probably sends what we consider to be odd values for the CC’s. We’ve recently changed how this works in the development version.

You can check this by using a MIDI monitor application (or the MIDI trace window in Ardour itself) to see what data is being sent.

MIdi trace says:
Controller chn1 1e 00 when it goes off, and Controller chn1 1e /some value/ when it goes on.

MIdi monitor says CC 31(or other number for other pads), value /some\ ,

What version of Ardour are you using?

5.11 I got a new laptop, installed fresh Ubuntu Studio and decided to switch to ardour. Dont sweat it, I put transport controls on notes and CCs work for group mute/solo.
Although on unrelated note - they work kind of strange, I’d prefer them to work like switches,but ardour uses non-zero input to switch mode, so its needed to press twice every time

Hi!! I have the same problem, Ardour get the MIDI CC codes but no response it.

The midi spec for notes and controllers is different. A note always sends a press value and then a release value. Ardour follows this by providing an internal toggle. The midi spec for a controller is that is sends the value it wants the device to have either some continuous value between 0 and 127 or 0-63 for off and 64-127 for on. So Ardour expects that. However, many controllers send CC values as 127 for press and 0 for release. So a press gives an on followed by an off. Many controllers allow the CC button to be set to toggle on the controller end so that the first press and release sends a 127 and another press send 0. Check your manual if this is possible on your controller.

Ardour 6.0, when it comes out, does allow Ardour to use a CC switch like a toggle even if it sends both press and release events. However, Ardour 6.0 is not even ready for testing and any new session started on Ardour 6.0 will not work in Ardour 5.12… and probably not in Ardour 6.0 release when it does come out. So that is not a solution right now.

The akai mpk mini does come with an editor which does say something about making a button or pad toggle or momentary. It does not say if this is only note on/off use or CC use as well. I don’t know if or how this would run in Linux (on wine). But for now, I suspect editing the buttons to send either note momentary or cc toggle would be the solution.