Midi CC's general use q's

Q1: I wanna use one knob to control several things outside Ardour, so I made a bus with 3 Midi CC map plugins, routed it and it works. Now how do I turn these plugins on/off without mouse?

Q2: On my controller CC pads work like this - press a pad, it sends speed and lights up, press again - it send zero and light dies. When it sends zero, ardour seems to ignore it, I have to press again. Is there a way to set this so non-zero values switch smth on, zero’z - off?

Anyone? I cant find an answer anywhere else
On q1 I found a workaround - I put cc maps on different channels and mute them. Kind of works.
But second question is pissing me off, its a minor issue, but I cant find any way to fix it.