MIDI CC send

Greetings! I’m having difficulty getting the MIDI CC data to affect my actual MIDI sounds. I’m new to using MIDI, so this may be my misunderstanding of how it works.

First off, I’m on the latest build of Ubuntu Studio (13.10 as of now) and the Ardour 3.5.357-dgub sending MIDI (through JACK) to Carla from KXStudios which is using the SSO Soundfonts (as well as the FluidR3 font). It will play the sound on/off, but when I try to add CC data to give more expression to the playing, nothing works. In Carla, it looks like you have to assign the CC# to whatever you’re using in Ardour so she knows what signal to use. But still I get nothing.

Is this still being developed, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

Solved my answer for anyone who stumbles across this.

  1. I was using a file from an older version of Ardour. The MIDI notes were greyed out, I guess “not complete” or something. But deleting that and writing new parts gave me the coloured bars again and the expression I was editing.

  2. Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra doesn’t have editable variables.