Midi CC problem with soundfonts

Hello @ all! :slight_smile:
I’ve got the following problem with soundfonts:
i modified a double bass sf2 in polyphone by setting up midi controller 16 and 17 to global control volume attack and release of the samples. this works fine in polyphone, but in ardour i cannot hear any changes when i automate these parameters on the corresponding track. i tried it with calf fluid synth, a-fluid synth and carla… but nothing. any ideas? thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

ok, there is really something strange going on. today i reopened the session and everything worked fine. i didn’t change anything, it just suddenly works. i reopened the session before, but until now, the midi cc changes didn’t affect the sound. i’d like to say: problem solved… but i really wanted to know, why it suddenly works, because i had the same problem with another soundfont, where no midi cc messages changed a modulator, and after days it suddenly worked. :thinking: