MIDI Beats Bundled with Ardour have low velocity

When using the include MIDI beats, they all have a medium velocity of around 50-80+. When used with the General Midi Plug-in, the drums sound weak. The velocity can be fixed using the ‘MIDI Velocity Gamma’ plug-in. It does seem less than ideal to have to use a plug-in to get the velocity in the correct range. Otherwise, the drum beats sound weak.

When looking at the Ardour Github repository https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/tree/master/share/media, there are no MIDI Beats.

In the ‘README’ of the Ardour Install in /Ardour/share/media/MIDI Beats/README.txt , these were created using MMA.

Is there a simple way to have all of the beats velocity modified in the Ardour Install so that they will sound not so anemic ? Maybe the MMA file can be modified ?

The General MIDI Instrument drum sounds are very good, but not when played at the velocity of the provided MIDI Beats. It sounds like a very weak drum hit sample.

This also affects the AVL Drums as well. Sounds excellent when the velocity is modified.

I assume it will be the same with my Alesis SR-16, although I have not tried it.

I find that when using the MIDI Velocity Gamma plug-in, a setting of around 0.155 for the note-on sounds the best to me.


Ideas ? Thoughts ?

I don’t know if it’s related to your issue, but I’m having a similar problem making EDM music with Ardour.
I use sfizz and ACE Fluid Synth plugins where I load my drums samples (sfz, sf2 or even single samples). The samples, using an external player, sound great.

In Ardour these samples sound weak as if they were coming from the apartment downstairs…
so I too have to use the “MIDI Velocity Gamma” plug-in, with a setting between 0,1 and 0,2 for the note-on. Or I use an equalizer plugin to “turn up” the sound a lot.
At first I was just using a plugin amplifier set very very high.
All of this is certainly not normal.

It would be interesting if this problem were finally clarified.

Thank you,

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