Midi Automation

I am wanting to add automation to Midi tracks- and to have the automation move with the tracks.

I currently am able to move the automation of everything but Level & Panning. I have been able to record this issue using latest Ardour- and updated Arch Linux.

Obviously there would be times during production in which I would like automation to move & not to move with tracks. Currently all automation moves but: Level; Panning & Pan Width.

Here is a video of the current behaviour:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESQg8dkBsuU

Just want to know if this is a bug- or current behaviour?

Hi! I think it’s a current behavior. Today (as I know) ardour lets to drag (including Level; Panning & Pan Width) automations only for audio regions. Midi tracks has such possibility only for midi itself (Bender, Controllers and Pressure), but has no for instruments and plugins automation.

Here’s some video about copying plugins automations in midi through “R”-mouse mode (Rage).

Not so comfortable, but it’s possible to copy some midi with automations to some place and to delete the copying source. It could be faster just to drag the rage selection, but I didn’t find such function in ardour.
Also, as I’ve noticed in Adrour 5.x, “R”-mode copying doesn’t work with L/R & Width (simply it doesn’t select this kind of tracks). In this case I use “E” or “G”-mode to drag/copy automation points for each track separately.

A strange issue I’ve noticed in your video: when you use “D”-mode. Automation points are being drawn at the same value. I had never meet it in my Ardour (KX Studio14.04 or AV Linux2017.4.9)