MIDI Assignable Loop Points

I would love to get these loop points become assignable! I’ve always had trouble clicking and dragging them with the mouse. What I’d like to do is have <CC ### Val. 127> moves it one magnetic point to the right and <CC ### Val. 1> sends it one to the left.

Are there many major obstacles to doing this? I’d like to tinker around with it and see what happens. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

oops I used brackets and it commented out…

I’d like
CC ###, Val. 127 to move the loop point one magnetic point to the right
CC ###, Val. 0 to move the loop point one magnetic point to the left.

@moon: you’re welcome to try this. i’d make two points: 2.X is in feature freeze, so any such work will not be applied to 2.X. secondly, although adding something like this might appear to be somewhat “superficial” you will find that ardour’s architecture means that you will need to become reasonably familiar with the entire design of the program in order to add this. this is mostly because we don’t allow any UI (the GUI, or MIDI) to get direct access to the internals of the program (the “backend” aka libardour). this means that you’d need to add new Controllable objects that in turn would modify the loop points, and then bind MIDI messages to those Controllables OR (in 3.0) create new session methods that move the loop points and use the new MIDI binding infrastructure as described here: http://ardour.org/ardour_midi_binding_maps