MIDI and tempo

I’ve started using version 4.0.0 and MIDI seems pretty stable so I thought I’d try using it to create a click track for a complex song that I’m hoping to record soon. There is one thing that is proving annoying at the moment though.

When I create a MIDI region and then change the tempo, the region stays at the same length of time. e.g. one 4:4 bar @ 120 BPM is 2 seconds long, I change the tempo to 60 BPM and the region is still 2 seconds long, when I would like it to remain 1 bar (i.e. 4 seconds long). All the notes are still in the right place, but I need to extend the region to show the notes in the second half.

Is there any way to achieve this behaviour?

Once the arrangement gets more complicated it will become a big pain. I assume this is just some setting I’ve missed, or a misconfiguration at my end.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:

@bdp: is there a reason to not use Ardour’s own click track?

Yes, the song is really complicated and I wanted to build in some features so we don’t get lost in the structure of the song.

I may end up using your click track and then creating guide parts, but as there are also tempo changes that we’re not entirely sure of just yet, I really wanted to flexibility of MIDI so we can make lots of quick alterations in preproduction to try and get the tempo changes just right.

On that note, does Ardour support gradual ramping up/down to a new tempo, maybe a tempo map?

I’m particularly interested to get this working as my guitarist who is the other sound engineer in the band is pushing to use logic which I’m resisting as I generally find Ardour much more flexible and plesant to work with for audio (plus I only have an ancient mac desktop and really like being portable).

No tempo ramps at present. It has been on the feature request list for a long time. It is much harder to implement than it appears (until one of us gets the vision, at least)