MIDI and sustain

Hello and thank you for your great job! Ardour have so evolved for 10 years !!
I’m using Ardour 8.4 on Debian 12.

First, is it normal that Ardour doesn’t “stop” a sustained note when space bar is pressed ?
I have to clic “midi panic” to stop the notes it’s quite a bit annoying.

Second, I’im using ACE Fluid Synth (in Ardour) and when I play piano, even if my sustain pedal is on, when i press again gently an already chord sustained, it’s like I release my sustain pedal and the notes sustained become OFF. It makes very bad sensations when I play. When I use Qsynth (not in Ardour) I don’t have this problem.

Thank you

I notice it’s an option present in other DAW like Reaper.
Maybe there is a similar option in Ardour but where ?

In other terms, playing the same note than the sustained one stop the first note. It’s not a normal behaviour for a piano.
Same issue with Ardour built in General Midi Synth.

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