MIDI and patch changes

Ardour 5.12 on Fedora 27.

I have two questions regarding midi tracks and patch changes.

  1. When I insert a patch change, it is always inserted at the playhead position, regardless the setting of edit point to mouse. Also, using the `(grave)-key changes the appearance of the cursor but not the behaviour.

  2. When I want to remove a patch change, I hover the mouse over the patch change and press DEL. Nothing happens. When I right-click on the patch change, that immedeately selects the whole track. As a result, when I hit the DEL key, the whole track is removed.

  1. this is a result of performing any operation from a menu. we don’t have a reliable mouse pointer position, so we use the playhead instead.

  2. this is a bug/missing feature in the current release of Ardour. It will be fixed in 6.0 (which has no scheduled release date)

Thanks. I’ll work my way around it until then ) .

re (2) shift + right-click works. That is a general “delete operator” for any object. To delete a patch-change, make sure to be in “Internal Edit mode” (press ‘e’) otherwise you’ll delete the whole region.

Thanks for the tips!