MIDI and Audio tracks move differently?

I have a rather complex composition involving MIDI and Audio tracks. I record it in bits and pieces, in one arrangement window, and I want to drag the different parts into place after each one is done; see how this part fits here or there. There is NO change in meter so far and I have tried to turn Grid off so WHY is it that MIDI parts move to a different place from Audio parts, when selected and grabbed together?
In an earlier piece, I used several files that I finished, then arranged the exported two-track parts in a new recording which gave me less control in the final mastering. I wanted to avoid that this time.

Hard to answer the question without much more specific details of the difference in how they move/where they end up.

completely randomly … I tried just now moving the whole block and where the Audio moved from bar 64 to 74, the Midi went from 75 to 148. Moving Audiotracks to 73 (9 bars), Midi went to 79 (just 4).
It’s not a big problem because I will move the two types of tracks seperately. It’s just weird and funny. And I was wondering whether I had been behaving stupidly, as usual …
In case somebody’s interested in this problem, while I keep the pointer down both kinds of tracks seem to move evenly. The moment I drop them, the Audio lands where I want it to but the Midi jumps to some place else.

and I forgot: Hi Paul, thanks for chiming in. sorry.

ok here’s the easy solution … I just have to enlarge the MIDI track so that it starts at the same bar as the audio and it will move accordingly. Still an unexpected thing. If it’s my fault I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong

Sorry if I’m being a nuisance here … grabbing the MIDI track instead of the Audio with my mousepointer makes everything work smoothly, all selected parts move in sync.
Please tell me if I have to stop posting about this topic.

Don’t have to stop posting, but especially if you have a reproducible recipe you should put it in Mantis as a bug report as this sounds like a bug, and would get lost here.


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