Midi and Ardour on Mac


On Linux I can use for example qtractor and jack transport to record midi in Ardour. How should I do that on Mac, it is possible to?

Please could you give a clear description how, so I can use it for a manual.


It is not clear what you mean. I think you mean “I load MIDI files or send MIDI data to QTractor, and then record the audio output of QTractor with ardour. I also use the transport control to start and stop them at the same time”.

You can do the same thing, more or less, in exactly the same way on OS X, although I don’t know if QTractor will run there. All CoreAudio apps can use JACK - you would start both the other application and ardour, then connect ardour to it in the usual way.

The one thing you cannot do is to share transport control. There is no analog to this in the CoreAudio API - even though we have made it possible for all CoreAudio apps to use JACK, that was done by making it look like a CoreAudio device. CoreAudio offers no way to send a message to apps saying “start now” or “move to here”, so even though JACK still does this stuff on OS X, there is now way to get this out of JACK and visible to regular CoreAudio apps.

Not sure why you’d want to do this - most OS X apps that can turn MIDI into audio can also record it and do a very good job as a DAW. On the other hand, perhaps you just prefer Ardour’s way of doing things, in which case, thanks!

Ok, if I got it right. No JACK transport / synchronization function on Mac?

So you can’t synchronize for example hydrogen with Ardour the way you can on Gnu/Linux?

You have to hit play in (for example) hydrogen en hit play in Ardour, to ‘synchronize’ ?

As i tried to explain: you cannot export JACK transport functionality to non-JACK apps. However, JACK apps work the same on OS X as on Linux. Its just you cannot, for example, start Ableton playing by pressing Ardour’s play button or vice versa. At least not with sample-synchronous precision. This is just because Live is not a JACK application, nothing more.

Ok, it’s clear to me now. Thanks.

Forgive me if I should have started a new thread for this question but as someone who knows very little about midi, my question seems quite similar to this one.

I’ve been asked if it’s possible to transfer a session from Apple’s ‘Logic Pro’ into Ardour. The session is mostly midi data that’s used to control external synths and a drum machine. Presumably, somewhere in Apple’s session data there’ll be one or more files of midi data. Is it likely that these could be imported into Ardour?

Ardour 2.X (the latest released versions) does not support handling MIDI data. v3 will, but it is not released and there is currently no timetable for its release.

That came as quite a surprise Paul. What’s all the midi code for then? Is it just for handling midi timecode?