Midi and a mutli timbral Synth

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All going well so far however I would like to set up ardour so that My Korg N1 keyboard plays different patches on different midi channels . I have tried creating a track for channel 1 ( Piano ) and a track for channel 2 ( Drums for example ) but I am getting the same sound from both tracks.

Clearly I am not understanding how to set this up correctly , the online seems a bit sparse regarding MIDI setup instructions

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Do you want the Korg to produce the sound, or do you use the Korg to produce MIDI data and trigger a synth-plugin in Ardour? If the latter, what synth plugin do you use? Is that “General MIDI Synth” (comes with Ardour from ardour.org)?

Also, in general you can use a single MIDI track for all 16 MIDI channels. That is mostly a matter of personal workflow however.

Hello there thanks for your prompt response. Initially I want the Korg to produce the sound . At at the moment I only have the midi in out on the m audio Delta 1010 , I am currently using just that as I gain familiarity

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OK, so you use a MIDI track to play back MIDI data to the external keyboard, and It seems that the MIDI that you play back always has channel 1.

How do you produce this MIDI data? Do you load a .mid file? Do you use step-entry? Do you record it? Do you draw it manually with the “draw tool” and Mouse?

When you record your keyboard, Ardour will re-play the channel as-is. The same is true when you import a file, Ardour uses the channel from the MIDI file.

You can override the MIDI channel. The Easiest for the whole track (right-click on the track-header > Channel-selector…): http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-tracks/midi-track-controls/ “Use a single fixed channel for all playback”.

Step-entry (right click on the rec-arm button) http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-midi/step-entry/ has a “channel” selector. That should be straight forward. Selecting the channel when manually drawing notes gets is a bit trickier, see http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-midi/

Many thanks Robin. I think im getting there, I did not have monitoring set correctly I think. Having used Cubase for so long the way that I worked was deeply ingrained :sunglasses: