MIDA - Stir Well

MIDA (@midahomemademusic) have recently released a new song! :v:
Have a listen here: Stir Well (feat. Double Flow) by Mida - DistroKid

This project is a “virtual rock band”, we work remotely in our (little) spare time, each of us in his own cheap home studio. Everything is then mixed in Ardour (in Linux) by me and finally the mastering is made out-of-the-box by a pro (who’s also a friend).
We started in 2019 and this is our fifth release. The song focuses on the importance of putting differences together, that’s why we got two friends as guests and tried to mixed genres, languages…
I’m pretty satisfied with the result, considering we don’t have a real drummer (but Drumgizmo is a great instrument! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and everything is homemade! :muscle:

You can find more about us here: @midahomemademusic | Linktree

Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you! :metal: