Mid-Side processing

Hello, I have read about mid-side processing, and I am trying it by doing some experiments.

As far as I have read, M=L+R
while S=L-R.

I am using calf stereo tools for doing that.

I have connected a mono signal to this plugin, and curiosly, hoping M were the original signal +3dB and, S were silence, but I found a signal on it.

Another option could be doing it “by hand” playing with buses and the phase.

Is this behaviour correct, did I misunsterstand anything wrongly?

Thank you very much.

I don’t know the plugin you are talking about, but in general you start with a cardiod (mid) and figure 8 (side) signal.

Stereo left is mid and side summed (M+S), stereo right is mid and side summed with the polarity flipped on the figure 8 mic (M - S).

It sounds like you have a stereo signal and are trying to decode the mid and side components? If that’s the case you should be seeing (L+R)/2 for the mid and (L-R)/2 for the side.

Sorry my late answer.

Yes you are right, I am decoding M-S from stereo. But instead of doing it by buses, I tried to use this plugin from calf.

thank you, projectMalamute