Mic characteristics plugin?

Are there any LV2 plugins or Linux software that emulate characteristics of vintage and popular mics?

Yes there are many EQ’s :wink:
I suppose I’d recommend impulse responses. Just a quick search turned up https://www.audiothing.net/impulses/vintage-mics/
Know though that if you are using a very poor mic that for example cuts everything above 7khz no plugin or impulse in the world is going to get that information back. So which tool and technique to recommend really depends on what specifically you are trying to do.

Well, I’m looking for plugins or presets that emulate specific microphones, not EQ’s. This isn’t to cover up a poor mic’s recording, but to emulate the sound of vintage and/or popular microphones that have specific characteristics. It could be a plugin, or it could be a web page somewhere with a chart detailing EQ settings that approach the sound of specific brand/model mics. (Although I would think EQ alone is not 100% responsible for the tone of many a vintage mic.) My intention is to use these on top of good-quality recordings, so that a good recording done with a mic with a flat response for the way it was used can be made to sound a little more like it was done with a U47, for example. Maybe such a thing doesn’t really exist, or simply isn’t done, but I won’t know until I ask around. Or maybe this hasn’t really been done, at least for Linux, but might be desired.

'Def, I believe what you are actually looking for a Mic MODELER.
Only thing I could find is an Antares product for $129: the Mic Mod EFX. It’s available as a VST and RTAS plugin. While it ain’t free, it certainly is cheaper than a mic locker filled with vintage pieces; and it looks like the VST version could possibly work for you.
Antares does a try-before-buy deal. Let us know.

Mic modeler - thank you! That’s the term I was looking for.

I’m actually looking for something to include in my Linux audio distro, so a commercial product demo could work. I would still want to include something FOSS, though.

When you find a suitable one, let me know. I’d be really interested in hearing it.

Likewise, let us know about that distro.

The next release is a WIP, hopefully coming soon. It’s been out for a while now and is admittedly a niche market: gentoostudio.org.

I’ll try to remember to share it here if I find or write a mic modeller. :slight_smile: