MGV - Live tracking with Ardour

(Info) #1

Movin’ Groovin’ & Verhoeven performing the great unsung Creedence-era John Fogerty song “Wrote A Song For Everyone”. Fogerty reportedly cringes at the original recording, IMHO it’s one of the most poignant songs he ever wrote… Shot with 3 static and one motion DSLR camera on a gimbal. Audio was multitracked live into Ardour DAW and Video was edited with Cinelerra-GG using the AV Linux OS…

(Cchoowee) #2

Wow, you got a great voice especially for CCR covers. Like the guitar tones, too. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @cchoowee

Thanks very much for watching and commenting, it wasn’t the best vocal take but I was pleased with how the general production turned out… CCR Covers have bought me a lot of gear over the last 30 years! :grinning:

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Another clip from the same session, admittedly a song that’s been around the block a few (thousand) times but it’s a new addition for us… Again it’s performed live warts and all but I was pleased with the instrument sounds… T-Bone Walker’s 'Stormy Monday".

(cooltehno) #5

good charisma, GMaq! :slight_smile: Nice!

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Thanks very much for taking time to watch.:grinning: