Metranome Click

Am i doing something stupid or is it a bug~?

Ive just started up a new session completly blank with 1 track. Set the temp and click the metronome button.

Press play. No click

I check the audio connections and the click is not connected to anything, but you cant asign it to anything, the box where yoiu could click to connect are all white and dont do anything.

Ive never had problems with the metranome before.

found the same thing… and questions…

forgot: Ive access to everything with " browse "( audio files ), but nothing can be loaded

ive never used any metronome sounds previoulsy ardour just seems to use its on default beep. ive not got time to check previous versions

but ive used it without having to load any sounds.

seems that recently metronome no longer function.

yes, assign an audio file is in 3.5

This was a small bug introduced in 3.5 that affects new sessions (not old ones). It has just been fixed in git. I will do a new release soon.

ok great thanks :slight_smile:

I can wait till it gets fixed to do any projects that require click tracks.

thanks Paul.

just tcreated a template session with metronome click playing with Ardour 3.4.
opened this session witb Ardour 3.5 : the metronome click is playing as before

I just installed 3.5.14 and my metronme isn’t working. Neither can i audition the click sound in the browser. I checked the routing of the click to the master bus and i cannot assign the click to the master bus. Is this a 3.5.14 bug?

trkkazulu: the metronome has been confirmed working in 3.5.14 and in 3.4. It will not work when opening sessions created with 3.5. If you need help fixing a session with this condition, please use IRC (see the support page for details).