Methods for gain staging reference tracks

If I wanted to mix and have multiple mastered tracks as reference tracks I know the volume will be different but I was wondering if there was any new methods of gain staging in ardour that is either most recommend or simplified using any Linux plugins that are available to get it done quickly.

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is, what exactly do you mean by gain staging in this context? Often times if I am referring to gain staging it is discussing the strength of the signal at the various processing points or conversion points (A to D or D to A), but it seems like you might be referring to the apparent volume difference between exports?


The new reference track feature in Wavelab looks like the right direction for this type of use case. I think the reference track is totally separated from the gain structure of the mix so you can freely add plugins and gain to the master fader without affecting it. Can something similar be achieved with Ardour’s monitor section? I don’t think so but I might be wrong.

Oh ic. That sounds cool. I do have ozone but I only have the essentials which doesn’t let me use reference files or anything like that. But I do have a LUFS meter plugin so I think I should just manually adjust for now

Using the monitor section, maybe not.

However using Ardour’s flexible routing? Sure. Use a bus that is not connected to the master in Ardour, but is connected to the appropriate hardware outputs. Then run your reference tracks into that bus instead of the Master.

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I think in ardour can’t I just check the lufs of my mix and then export the reference using the LUFS normalization to get it to the similar level of my mix then re import that master in and use it a reference. I’ll try it out when I can

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