Metering Problem // EBU R128 Meter & lufsmeter-lv2 Differense

Hey everyone
I put EBU R128 Meter & lufsmeter-lv2 on master track for metering gain in LUFS
but each one give me different number for loudness

Which one should i trust ??
-10.6 or -7.7

Stereo or mono? There was a change in how loudness is calculated for mono output a couple of months ago that results in a 3dB difference in displayed result.

-10.6 LUFS is integrated loudness, -7.7 is max momentary loudness.

I suggest to set x42-EBU Meter to integrate when host’s transport is running (and reset on starrt). That way the plugin will also report -10.6 LUFS (integrated over the duration of the song)

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It’s all too complicated these days, I remember when we only had VU meters, and the only thing certain about them was that they were wrong, so everyone just ignored them - so much easier :slight_smile:


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