Metering in edit view with more than two channels

I’m running Ardour 6.9.0~ds0-1build1 on kde 22.04.
I have a project with tracks (buses), that have more than two channels. All these tracks show n meters in mixer view (n=number of channels), but not in edit view.
If i have only one channel (mono bus), it shows one meter, stereo shows two, but 3 and more channels show up only two meters.
Adrour 5.x worked okay, it showed always as many meters in edit view as channels in track.
Do i have any misconfigration? Is it a bug? Does anybody know about this?

Thanls and greetings

As I recall, we chose to stop displaying meters beyond 2, because many synth plugins can have 32, 64, or even more outputs. and it was impractical to draw that many in the track header (or make sense of it, when we did)


Thanks, Ben, for your answer.
Bad news for me. I liked to see all output signals in edit view. For me it made sense. But i understand, why you changed it.
An option to switch it back would be fine. But i see, there are not many of me :slight_smile:

Preferences > Appearance > Editor > Limit track header meters to stereo


That was fast, very fast :wink:
Thank you for this hint! It solves my problem.

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