Metering bridge pre and post metering

Can the meter bridge show pre and post metering or is it only pre.

Metering section of manual

Thanks but still can’t find what I’m looking for

It’s there, in the manual:

The type of meter and the metering point (the place in the signal chain where the meter taps the signal) are configurable in the context menu of each meter. Depending on the Edit > Preferences > Mixer settings, the metering point is also accessible via a button in each Mixer strip.

You cannot set the metering point in the Meterbridge, but it will follow the Mixer Strip’s Setting.

I guess I’ll have to use ardour cause mixbus doesn’t have the same metering. I tried

In Mixbus it is set by the button under the compressor on the mixer strip (And the meterbridge window follows this). By default it is set to, and says, ‘Post’ but can be set to Pre, Input, Output, or even Custom to get a processor box to show where the metering point is. I just tested this, and yes the standard modifiers for group actions etc. work so you can set all of them at once by holding the appropriate modifier and setting the metering point.

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Oh ok thanks for this

You never mentioned Mixbus in the original post.
If you have Mixbus specific questions Harrison has a dedicated forum for that:
Mixbus forum

I know but I do use ardour from time to time, ardour and mixbus are really similar expect for mixer. I was asking cause this time I was using mixbus but it’s still a feature of ardour not mixbus so I asked here instead