Metacorc - flames

this is a song recorded with Ardour and mixed with Mixbus.

I use ardour for recording because is more stable less resource demanding. I use no plugins or any other effect in my studio, then I export everything and I use another computer for post-production.



Sounds good.

So for the mixing, you’re using Mixbus’s built-in effects only, right?

no, I like calf plugins a lot, mostly for compression and EQ, and also RVB500 is my usual reverb.

I can give you specifics if you want.

Nah, I’m familiar with Calf and Overtone plugins =)
Why do you use Mixbus then? I know that there are some EQs and Comps preinstalled and they have some “analog-style” plugins. Do you use them as well or just stock mixbus with calf plugins etc?

I love the analog feeling of Mixbus, it fits perfectly in my rock oriented productions.

for example, you can really push gain without producing any (unwanted) distorsion in any channel or in master.

I also use integrated compressor/limiter and EQ too, is just that sometimes I want to see the spectrum on EQ or the amount of signal on compressor. but I tend to use more and more integrated tools/plugins.

That’s what I wanted to read about it =D
I’ve tried mixbus demo for two or three times but never got what’s the thing about it. Yep, it has some built-in “analog” plugins but what else? Turns out it’s all about the feeling. But that’s great too, I think.

my recomendation is that if you’re familiarized with ardour and it covers all your needs, just stick with it.

and if you’re curious do a full project with Mixbus, not just playing for some minutes. I used the demo and it works great, it just adds white noise but you can work anyway.

then if you like it just buy it, Harrison is always doing deals and you’re helping ardour indirectly.

It’s also about efficiency. You don’t need to add plugins or open plugin GUIs for basic mixing tasks, or setup routing in Mixbus. It’s all right there in the Mixer.

Yeah, sounds like it’s handy.