Metacorc - flames

this is a song recorded with Ardour and mixed with Mixbus.

I use ardour for recording because is more stable less resource demanding. I use no plugins or any other effect in my studio, then I export everything and I use another computer for post-production.



Sounds good.

So for the mixing, you’re using Mixbus’s built-in effects only, right?

no, I like calf plugins a lot, mostly for compression and EQ, and also RVB500 is my usual reverb.

I can give you specifics if you want.

Nah, I’m familiar with Calf and Overtone plugins =)
Why do you use Mixbus then? I know that there are some EQs and Comps preinstalled and they have some “analog-style” plugins. Do you use them as well or just stock mixbus with calf plugins etc?