Here’s an original tune just finished with Ardour3b5, it is basically a song about the addictiveness of technology. I originally built it around the two electric piano chords and it’s intended to be somewhat repetitive and add new layers as it goes along in keeping with it’s theme. I also thought I’d try something different (for me anyway) and have the choruses use an instrumental refrain rather than a vocal one. The guitar fills use a Vox wah-wah and slide at the same time which was a bit of a handful especially since I’m pretty green at playing slide.

This song makes good use of the linuxDSP Dyn 500, SR-2B and PEQ-2B as well as the Calf Vintage Delay and Pulsator. I played, sang and programmed the instruments for this one on my own.

Song is here:

Comments, Critiques and Questions welcomed.

Wow. Very 70s. I like it. Reminds me of someone, just can’t think of who right now.

The mix needs to convey the groove more powerfully… because the underlying groove is pretty powerful.

Lose the triangle.

@ Ricardus

Thanks for having a listen, the fuzzed keyboard bass makes mixing the groove a little dicey, if it’s even 1 db too loud it commandeers the whole mix, I may have to spend a bit more time on the kick and bass and get a bit more surgical with the EQ. As far as the triangle it kind of plays a part in the concept of the song as far as signifying something (I won’t bore you with the full explanation unless you ask…)


Thanks very much for your kind remarks, as you astutely observed when there is only a limited amount of time available something has to give, I will say I far prefer ‘using’ Ardour to maintaining it. To be honest other than ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ most of these songs were in various states of completeness sitting on a storage drive since the late 90’s so my output is actually not nearly as prolific as it may seem and it’s not like I sneeze out a new song every day, these are just the first of many to be finished and I have 15 years to catch up on. Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen!

OK. You can keep the triangle if you record a real one, and then loop it, say every three measures. This way it doesn’t sound like a sample to me. :slight_smile:

The groove is there. It just requires the proper mix technique.