Merging two midi regions / export midi

I recorded a midi track and then I replayed a region over it. How do I overwrite / merge the two regions into one?

How do I export the resulting midi track?

I’ve seen another post related to merging two midi regions together. Have you implemented the “bouncing” option ?

I’ve read the layering chapter in the docs, but I can’t figure out how to do this in midi.

Help would be much appreciated.

Nevermind, I’ve figure it out thanks to another post I’ve found. Quoting Seb:

edit it until it sounds right (crossfades between different takes ...) and then re-record onto a new track with the input set to the original track. Known as "bouncing" the track.

He was referring to audio, but it works just as well for midi, patches are also transfered.

Ah, just one unaswered question. Should I “export” the bounced midi track or I can just grab the file on disk?

If the former, how do I “export” a midi track?

@quimnuss, you can consolidate time range:

1.choose “Rage Mode (select time ranges)” mouse mode; both regions - these regions must be in one track (also they can be one above the another by layers)
3.right click mouse (in selected area)>Consolidate Range

  • this will make a new midi file, which has all notes from source midi regions.

All the midi files (source and consolidated) can be found in session folder:


See some discussion here:

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“Consolidate” midi doesn’t really work for me, generally the resulting consolidated midi is not like the 2 previous regions, either the notes are moved, or some notes are erased.

I have the disappearing notes only when my rage boundary crosses the notes (actually they disappear). Maybe you’d check the quantization of the notes and snapping mode of the rage selection. If you midi notes are not quantize - you’d manually check the rage boundaries.

It looks like some notes disappear or are moved no matter what I do. In fact I don’t care to “consolidate” or merge regions together, I just want to groupe the regions so that I can move all of them together, but it doesn’t look possible. I can’t bounce them either. Ideally, grouping them would be the best.

@cooltehno’s solution of using “Consolidate Range” seems to work perfectly for me.

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