Merging MIDI regions


First of all, thank you for this amazing software! I come from the dark Pro Tools side, and have recently seen the light of Ardour and Linux audio software in general.

Is it possible to merge two or more MIDI regions in the same track into one region? My use case is this: I am building a MIDI track with multiple takes, adding different notes on each take. When I’m done recording all the takes, I want to be able to edit the entire track’s notes in note-level mode, no matter which region (take) they come from. How can I do this? Right now the topmost region is the only one whose notes I can edit.


As noted on the A3 forum on these boards…

At this time we request you NOT to discuss Ardour v3 on these forums as it is still in heavy development. Instead please use IRC or the Mailing Lists, which you can find more information about by clicking on the "Support" tab at the top of every page on

I have the exact same question as the OP relating to Ardour 3.1.

Region->edit->combine is greyed out when the two midi regions are selected, even if they don’t overlap each other in any way. How can I merge / combine them?

1.choose “Rage Mode (select time ranges)” mouse mode; both regions - these regions must be in one track (also they can be one above the another by layers)
3.right click mouse (in selected area)>Consolidate Range

this will make a new midi file, which has all notes from source midi regions.

All the midi files (source and consolidated) can be found in session folder: