Merge Sessions

I had a large recording Session. At some point Ardour chrashed and didn’t let me record new takes. Because the musicians where invited and i had no time to examine the problem, so i decided to use an older working backup where half of the tracks are missing to complete the recording session of the day.

This happened twice that day.

So now i have 3 Sessions with different parts of the whole project.

Is there a possibility to merge all that stuff into one session so that i can mix it up and decide which takes to use and so on?

I can simply copy all the audio files together, but i would loose all the regions and exact positions where the recording parts must take place.

Simply having the missing regions as new tracks would help so much here.

I tried it by hand by editing the xml file and copying in the regions but that didn’t work.

Any help here would be very great?

Thanks a lot - Uli

There’s no facility to do this at this. Back as Ardour 3.0 was shaping up, someone did write code to do session merge, but the format of the session file kept changing and the work was abandoned. It was never resuscitated. You could do it manually with a text editor, but explaining what is required is quite complex.

Hi Paul

thanks a lot for your quick answer. Is there any chance to roll back the data to ardour 3? Even if i loose all the mixing settings? (only save the region positions of the used takes would be enought)

Otherwise i think i will mix down the tracks as single audio wav files with the length of the whole project. Then its easy to import them into one session.

Have you any idea what happened? Symptom was, that many of the regions where suddenly displayed as diagonal striped yellow/black boxes. Zooming in and out let the waveform partially appear again. But it was impossible to record.
Ardour hangs at half a second after start record. Is there any maximum of regions per session? The project has about 30 Tracks. The .ardour file has about 80000 lines. Disk Space was not the problem, i have a 6TB harddisk with <40% usage.

Is there any possibility to recover such a session?

This sounds like a good feature.

Indeed. For what it’s worth, I would very much like this feature.

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