Merge down layers

I have a segment with some stacked layers. Simplified ASCII representation of the stacked view:


I want to ‘merge down’ (this is the term that GIMP uses for a similar operation) to


so that it becomes a single segment.

To obtain this, I have to split the XXXX lane, move the edges so that the upper part falls down, move the edges of the XXXX again to the edges of the YYYY and then join the segments.

While this works nicely it is a bit cumbersome when you have to do it often.

Is there a better (easier) way to perform this operation? A Lua script, maybe?

From the Mixbus manual, I found the Consolidate operation - Mixbus is based on Ardour, so many things apply to both.

“Consolidate” allows you to select a time-range consisting of many regions, and create a single region on
the timeline. This can simplify future edits or exporting operations, because the various layers, gain curves,
fades, and other region properties are made into a single contiguous audio region which can be manipulated
more easily.
To initiate a Consolidate action, you will select a time-range with the Range tool (this can consist of multiple
tracks), right-click on the Range, and choose Consolidate. The regions under the selection will be
consolidated into contiguous audio regions.

Is that what you’re looking for?

I’m guessing that you have a track with multiple regions, and you’d like to combine them.
If so, you may get the effect you’re after by adjusting the layering of regions, so that the YYYY region is the topmost layer. Another option to consider, anyway.

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Great! Didn’t know that Combine could be used for combining layers…

I found that I can select the X segment, then (control-click) add select the Y segment, and use RightClick > Edit > Combine. No need to create intermediate ranges.

Thanks for the info!

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