Memory full and Ardour crash

Hello everyone

I am a happy user of Ardour from quite sometime but there is one very annoing problem. I use 64Studio Amd64 on my desktop and i386 on my notebook.
Here is the problem.
My notebook is IBM X31, 1,5GB ram, Pentium M 1.6GHz. Ardour’s sessions are on external HDD WD 160GB sata, connected through FireWire. For example: i have session with 10 mono tracks (see screenshot , i split them to align them to metronome. Files are copied to session folder in file manager, not in Ardour ( see session folder, Oh ! and why after importing files to session in Ardour when “copy to session” is checked files are doubled size of original ?
So, after a few, 6 or 8 cuts and saves system memory fills to full and Ardour craches. Here is screenshot of memory usage . The same situation is on my desktop with Athlon 3.2GHz and 1GB ram. Oh, and the same is with only on track, after a few splits and saves. The more splits i made the longer session opens. And why system does not use swap ? If i put in 4GB ram will memory runsout too :slight_smile:
That is the question.
Can you help ?

additional info about system:
64Studio 2.1 i386
linux 2.6.21-1-multimedia-486
jack 0.103.0-6
Ardour 2.4.1 (build from 3243) distribution default

If you need some more info give me feedback please.

Kind regards

P.S. Sorry for poor english.

Hi Paul
Now i have installed Ardour 2.8 inside 64Studio 3.0 beta3.
The system finally uses swap :slight_smile: and i thing overall Ardour stability is much better. It seems that lots of regions, lots of splits are no good for Ardour :wink: , maybe for my system only :wink: . Anyway, i use hint of Pablo from 64Studio forum and its great. He sugested to mark splited regions and use “consolidate region”. This is it ! After consolidating regions Ardour reborn :slight_smile: I wish i new that earlier :slight_smile:

p.s. new menu for plugins is great !

Hi Arek!

you consolidate ranges (in the selected tracks), not regions. Beforehand you can set a range selection from selected regions, which is useful.
Cheers! Pablo.

Hello Paul

For now I have checked Ardour 2.7.1 from 64Studio 3.0 beta3 and situation is the same. I will post this topic on 64Studio forum maybe its somehow related with this distribiution but i doubt. Do you now why files are doublesized after importing to Ardour with copy to session ? Session is growing so much.

Kind regards

Ardour 2.4.1 can be considered “ancient” at this point, and several major bug fixes concerning memory use have been a part of the 4 “major” releases since then (we are now at 2.8). Unless you can reproduce the problems with 2.8, we really have to consider this fixed already.