Melodyne with Ardour on Windows

Hi there!

I’m back to Open Source world people and want to use Ardour again (I’ve been using Bitwig, but it’s expensive and to “rich” of features that I don’t use, while Ardour is just full of the right features)! But, unfortunately, I’m still stuck to Win on one of my machines, due to the fact that Toontrack plugins and Melodyne don’t work on Ubuntu…

Anyway, trying to accept this compromise, I am trying to have Melodyne work in Ardour as plug-in on Windows, but, while I can load and see all Toontrack plugs (EZmix, EZdrummer, EZkeys), there’s no way to see Melodyne as a plug-in there. Is there any solution you could be so kind to advise?

Thank you so much!

Melodyne 4 works on ubuntu, with wine-staging using linvst or carla

Really? But that’s awesome! Well I got Melodyne 5 and I’ll check if there
is any way to have it work too.

Do you have any idea if Toontrack plugins could ever work on Ubuntu too?

As for Melodyne, if you have vst2 surely functions, vst3 is not recognized by ardor using linvst.
I don’t know what kind of plugins are Toontrack, there are excellent highly professional native lv2 plugins.

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