Melodyne and IZoptope As Plugins.

I just want to report my findings using Melodyne Editor and IZotope RX as AU plugins in 2.8.7.

First off thanks Ardour for OSX is very nice. I was a linux user for about a year and got feed up with instability of distros and their constant focus and efforts to re invent the wheel. I will digress on this topic out of respect for those who choose to use whatever OS works for their needs.

I use Windows and OSX to get the job done. They both have their strengths. They are two very different tools one not being better than the other.

Back to the topic.

Melodyne Editor window does not re size properly. I describe the best I can. When ME is opened the ME window comes up and when you try to make it larger the inside of the widows in larges while pain if you will remains the same size.

IZoptoe RX will give you an option to preview your selection in other hosts. The preview options was not available in Ardour.

I am not complaining about Ardour only reporting my findings with plug-ins I use in other DAWS.


Philip Sapp

@philip8888: the “window does not resize” issue is known and will be fixed “reasonably soon”. Can you provide a much more detailed description of how IZotope RX “gives you an option” ?

Thank you for your response Paul.

I made a mistake in my IZotope assessment.

My apologies.

I just finished a long session on another DAW using IZotope RX in “Audio Suite” mode which allows you to tweak as you edit without the plugin being inserted in the track. When using IZoptope in Audio Suite mode I get a preview option that allows me to select a part of the region or the whole region. When selected I can “Preview” the audio of the region and adjust the parameters of IZoptpe to get what I want then when it is to my liking the region or selection of the region is “Processed”.

This was heavy on my brain as I wrote yesterday morning.

After a little rest today I was able to go and check the specfics of my above statement in rsponse to your inquiry.

As a “Insert” or “Plug-In” in Ardour I found IZotope RX to function as in other DAWs.

I blurred the lines between “Audio Suite” and “Insert” or around here “Plug-In”.

Does 2.8.7 have a like “Audio Suite” functionality? Or a comparable work around?



Not so much as Ardour is completely non-destructive. You can use Bounce and/or consolidate to destrucively apply the effects across the track, and then bypass the plugins in realtime, but there is nothing destructive like you will find in Audio-Suite that you can apply on a per region basis