Mein G'müth Ist Mir Verwirret

I just uploaded Rondo over “Mein G’müth Ist Mir Verwirret”. It combines an old love song by Hans Leo Haßler from 1601 with variations by me. The choir voices were sung by a former voice coach (female voices) and me. Each of the five voices has been sung three times, all five verses.

The whole project took several months. It was tricky because the metric changes the whole time (2+2+2, 3+3, 4). It was hard for me to follow the chord changes for the improvisations, each note has a new chord. I am not used to this because I did a lot of rock and blues before. I learned a lot musically in the process as well as how to handle so many different voice tracks. Because the arrangement of the choir is homophonic and chord based, I overlapped the voices in the stereo base to glue them together instead of separating them as I would have done for a polyphonic arrangement. To prevent the problematic non-ideal timing of ‘t’ and ‘s’ consonants, I gave a strong de-esser to all but one choir voices.

The reverb comes from the IR plugin again, the pulse response from the C program I mentioned here already.


Wow, great work.

(Spoiler Alert!) I wasn’t expecting the modern instruments that come in around 7:45! That transition was fun.