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I’m new to ardour on my bodhi linux.

Just wanted to say Hi!

I’ve used Audacity for several years, and today I flipped my old instrumental mp3 into wavs at 24 bit for my scarlett 3g interface & ardour;
I will be raring to go with a new microphone finally.

I sing Opera arias, about 50.
Launched them with distrokid a couple of yrs ago, but no sales.
The recordings were pretty horrible, with a basic condensor mic under $100.
Next week my pricey tube mic will arrive.

I hope I have the energy to record again.
It’s very time consuming and takes a bunch of effort.

Things to include : would be a “welcome to the site”,
to talk about your situation with your style of singing or instrumental recordings.

Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

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