Me And MGV


This is an original song performed by the weekend band I play in (Movin’ Groovin’ & Verhoeven) written by our keyboard player Jake M… It was completed in Ardour 3.2 and features Pianoteq 4.5 (electric piano), linuxDSP and Calf Plugins among others. A Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer with the optional FireWire card was used for the recording.

It was a bit of a different workflow for me since I’m mostly used to solo recordings or Live performance recordings but not tracking a full band with overdubs so it was a lot of fun and good experience.

The song features Jake on keyboards and lead vocals, Pete C. on bass, Dan V. on drums and me on guitars and background vocals.

Have a listen here:

Comments and Critiques welcomed.

Great Stuff!

Really enjoyed it!

@Gmaq: Sounds good!!!


Thanks for taking time to listen and comment guys.