mdaEPiano port 0 has now known data type


I needed a Rhodes for some song and installed MDA EPiano from the Fedora repository.
The plugin shows up in the main plugin-manager, however, I cannot add it to any track.
When looking at it more closely on the main plugin-manager, I saw this.


Can someone shed some light on this for me? Anything I can quickly do to overcome this?


Hi, I don’t know what that specific error means, are you set on using that exact Plugin for Rhodes sounds? There are some pretty great free SFZ and SF2’s out there for both Wurlitzer and Rhodes type sounds.

I host some of the “JeffG” SFZ’s here:

There is a pretty decent Stereo Rhodes SFZ there if you use SFZ’s in Sfizz

MDA ePiano working fine here with a local nightly build.

That’s what I’m currently using. Thanks, Glen

with the proviso that I got my MDA Plugins from not

that seems to be a modification of the plugin. The “original” from has no such port.

It would be nice to have an option to ignore ports with no known data type. For example, some plugins have a CV port, which Ardour can’t handle, but which is not essential for the plugin to be useful.

We discussed the CV port issue.

Ignoring it is not an option. The plugin expects a buffer to be there. Also in the future we will support CV, and then old sessions would break if plugins now no longer have scratch buffers.

Well, that’s another feature request closed in the bug tracker.

There are many versions of the MDA plugins these days.

I have created some notes on these plugins on my HedgeDoc:

There you’ll find links to various versions, packages and pre-compiled Linux binaries.

Hth, Chris

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