MCU+XT and Ardour 3.4

Hi !
Was somebody able to integrate the MCU+MCU XT in Ardour 3.4 ?
I am on Mac OS 10.8.5.
The MCU and the MCU XT are connected via a (USB) midi interface (Emagic MT4).
At the settings menu it says “Mackie Control Universal Pro”, does that mean that the support for the MCU was canceled ?
I tried to make work my MCU+ MCU XT with Ardour two ways:

  1. Only with the integrated menu, where you can click up to 3 MCUs.
  2. In conjunction with the MIDI Patchbay. This is working with Mixbus 2.3.1

In both ways it doesn´t work ,
Any ideas ?

Thanks !

Ardour 3’s support for Mackie Control Protocol devices was completely rewritten (and massively improved) compared to the Ardour2/Mixbus2 version.

Our support for all Mackie Control devices is “generic” in that our code doesn’t expect to a specific device. However, to use a particular device (e.g. the SSL Nucleus, the MC Universal Pro, the QCon etc.) requires a “device file” that describes the physical details of the device so that we don’t present stupid stuff. It can also benefit from a “profile file” that maps non-track/bus specific buttons to various Ardour functions. These files have been created for the Universal Pro, but nobody has created them for the “plain” version. They are simple text files, you will find examples in the share/mcp folder of an Ardour binary install from (or you can browse the git repository to see examples). It is very likely that using the Universal Pro device file will work with a plain MCU.

Thanks Paul for the answer.
Though I quite don´t understand what to do here.
I did have a look at the Ardour program file (Ardour/Contents/Resources/mcp) and both device files are there.
“mcpro.device” and “mcproxt.device”
So this should work, no ?

I enabled the protocol for both the MCU and the MCU XT.
If I click in Ardour´s Control surface menu “Discover Mackie Devices”, nothing happens.
How the devices will be integrated via Midi ?
Ardour doesn´t have any menu where I can select Midi-Interfaces, at the Midi menu I can select the usual “Send Midi Clock/Timecode” etc.
How does Ardour sees the Midi-Interface ?
Do I need the Midi Patchbay anymore ?

I am confused … or is it just that the mac version is still in beta status and not everything´s working ?

Well, you still need to connect the MCU/MCU-XT to the “mcu” port in Ardour. And for that to be visible, you need to run the CoreMIDI bridge that is part of recent versions of JackOSX (JackPilot will start this for you but if you start JACK using Ardour, it will not work).

So, I tried to get it work, but only the faders are working like expected.
No Transport control, no track names etc.
The pan knobs are working, but they caused a crash of Ardour after tweaking 5 channels.
The options at the Routing feature of Jack server are a bit cryptic.
I have a MT4 midi interface and it´s not possible to see to which In and Out I am able to route the MCU.
It only says “Capture_1, … and System_1, …”. No way to see which conncection this might be on the MT4.

So Paul without the profile file the MCU will just work rudimentary ?

Does anybody did a profile file for the MCU Pro, which should work for the MCU also ?

Paul, just in case you missed the message and my question:

Without the profile file the MCU will just work rudimentary ?

Thanks !

There aleady is a profile for the MC Pro that I would guess will work fine with an MCU. It says this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <MackieProtocolDevice> <Name value="Mackie Control Universal Pro"/> <Strips value="8"/> <MasterFader value="yes"/> <TimecodeDisplay value="yes"/> <TwoCharacterDisplay value="yes"/> <Extenders value="0"/> <GlobalControls value="yes"/> <JogWheel value="yes"/> <TouchSenseFaders value="yes"/> </MackieProtocolDevice>

I would imagine that all those properties match the MCU also.

As for your other problems, I’m not willing to try to deal with them via a web forum. It is too slow. Get on IRC (see the support page above for details) and ask me their. My nick/handle is “las”.