(maybe) a Silly Question....

How do I punch-in? The manual doesn’t have any content for Punch Recording yet, and I don’t quite get it… I’ve tried (obivously) enabling the Punch In button, but I don’t see how it relates to the track I’m trying to fix, nor the actual section I need to correct.

I’m running .99.3 for now, as that probably matters.

I’ve got a 2-second stretch to fix, and I know I’m like one simple step away.



It’s easy …

  1. Enable punch-in (and optionally punch-out) buttons in the transport controls
  2. In the area to the right of “Loop/PunchRanges”, click and drag across the area you want to record over.
  3. A menu will appear, select “Set Punch Range”
  4. Click the “R” button on each track that you want to punch in

Now start playback. When you reach the punch-in marker, the big red “Record” button will be turned on for you. If you’ve also enabled the punch-out button, the big red Record button will turn off when you pass the punch-out marker.

Good luck!