Maximum Region Length


I was attempting to do a live recording of my band just jamming around during our latest practice. However, after exactly 10 minutes the recording stopped naturally. Ardour kept playing (the editor kept going forward until I stopped it), for the full 30 minutes we were jamming, but no data was logged after 10 minutes.

Is there a way to extend this maximum region length? My fear is that this is a hard-coded maximum amount of data that a single region can contain. We’re thinking of recording our next performance as a sort of “live EP” and I need to be able to just set it and let it run for an hour. I’d like to use Ardour if I can.


The only limit comes from the native file ormat, which is either 2GB for WAV or an insanely huge number for WAV64 or CAF formats. 10 minutes is not a limit imposed by either one. Very few filesystems impose even the 2GB limit any more, and many Linux filesystems have limits equal to or larger than the 64 bit size limit of WAV64 or CAF.

You likely have “stop recording on xrun” enabled and the recording stopped because there was an xrun (over-run or under-run), meaning that your system was not keeping up with the audio data flow.

Make sure you haven’t got it set to stop recording at the end marker. IIRC earlier versions of Ardour set a default end marker on a new session and it would stop there unless the option was disabled in the relevant menu. I’m not sure if Ardour 3 does this but it’s probably worth checking. (I may be wrong here but I seem to remember hitting this problem in the past).