Maximum length of 96/24 recording?


Live recording questions:
0.) Is there faq/howto where these are addressed (I will take my wooden-eye and give a look).

1.) What are the maximum lengths of simultaneous non-interruptible recording session with:

2.) Are there file format issues? How to change ?

3.) Ardour older version issue? : I managed to exceed max. filesize the recording is there on the disk but it disappears from ardour track.
a) Anyone else experienced this?
b) How to get it back?
c) Should I get the newest tarball and start furious compilation cycle or wait planet ccrma’s excellent apt-get updates?

Imagine that you are the performer and the recorder at the same time and the ‘pause’ takes too long. Do you have time to stop+start recording?

4.) Any ideas for remote stop-start for ardour. Max distance per option?

btw. Ardour rox!


  1. in ardour2, we use make 64 bit audio file formats available, which makes the length limit essentially irrelevant. however, ardour2 continues to use JACK’s 32 bit sample counter for its own positional reference, and so this breaks down at about 12 hours using 96kHz. in ardour 0.99.3, the file sizes have a similar limit.

  2. yes, you need to use ardour2 to get around this.

  3. a/b: nothing to say. what does sndfile-info say about the file?
    c: i don’t think CCRMA is packaging ardour2 yet

  4. ardour has OSC transport control. which has been used in a trans-atlantic test. it can also be controlled by any device that sends MIDI Machine Control (MMC), or the relevant parts of MIDI Song Position Pointer messages (i.e. start/stop), or by a Frontier Designs Tranzport which is a wireless USB device.