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Hello guys, as i use ardour for live performance, only playing audio and midi tracks, is there a way to desactivate some features in order to maximize the cpu performance ?

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I can’t think of any features you’d want to deactivate. Do you have something in mind?

For example a dont need the clic, or any plugins.
I just have audio tracks and midi tracks that need to sended to jack, without any treatment or effects.
Is there some features that ardour automaticaly perform that could be desactivate ?
And is there a way for me to see all features that could be desactivated in order to make some try ?

There are no features to deactivate. If you don’t want a click/metronome, don’t turn it on. If you don’t want plugins, don’t use them.


Did you already look at tweaking your Linux installation? You can probably achieve more performance gain on that level.

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I see. Thx for your reply

Yes my disto is tweaked and work perfectly, my question was just because of my curiousity.

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