Maxi ISIS supported?

I wanted to re-use of my Maxi Studio ISIS I have lying around somewhere, just to see what the ardour does on multitrack recording, and replace it with higher grade material when all works fine.
Anyone knows if this setup is supported, or is it doomed to fail?

Thanks for the help!


i had one of those cards once. Nice hardware, but no alsa support (alsa folks explicitly state that) and hence no jack. Tough luck. I gave mine away to my windows-only brother who has struggled ever since to configure the routing with the bizarre application that was shipped with the card…


Always consult alsa drivers on support for hardware on linux. OSS drivers also work. Ardour doesn’t access your soundcard directly, Ardour uses jack. Even jack doesn’t directly use your soundcard, it uses alsa or oss drivers. It’s the drivers that need to support your soundcard, not Ardour.

Check out this website:

…and good luck ! :*(

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