Matrix problem and roland sound module TM-2

Hi !

I am having a very strange problem with recording midi with the Roland TM-2 sound module. Data is recorded into the matrix because I can see it in the ‘list editor’ and playback works fine, but I do not see any blocks written to the matrix. I have tried changing all midi channels on the TM-2 and I have tried two different midi interfaces. I tried it with Rosegarden and it works fine and I see blocks in the matrix. My other midi sound modules work fine.

Any ideas ???

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by Matrix? Do you mean MIDI regions on the track?

Yes, the MIDI regions on the track which contain the rectangular blocks that you can move around and adjust.

Hi! May be, you just simply don’t focus to notes (blocks, as you tell). Just make a track wider that you can see a piano-roll near the track header. Than move the upper slider up and lower slider of the piano-roll down to see all the “matrix”. That’s an idea :slight_smile: