Math rock EP

Check it out it's finally done:

Basically everything was done by us and within ardour. We love this DAW

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delightful! Thanks for sharing.

Hi guys!!

Great compositions! Absolutely love the sounds! Both the drums and guitar are very unique sounding and of course your arrangements are also very unique and interesting to listen to.


Do you mind if I ask about your instruments? I would be curious as both a a guitarist and secondly a drummer what gear you’re using…:slight_smile:

Just had a chance to quickly browse through a few tunes. I like what you guys are doing a lot!

It’s really nice to hear the clean guitar and unhyped drums playing this sort of music. ‘Math rock’ has become so much about over the top drum production and massive pedalboards. I love that you two just sound like two people making music together.

I like it! The style reminds me a bit of Plini but more minimalist. Great music!

First time I was listening and didn’t notice that only two persons are playing :). Super! Band meditation :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the nice feedback. It was our goal exactly to create a “in the room with the band”-feeling. We recorded only live sessions and did very little overdubbing, which cost us hours in failed attempts.
The setup is very simple.
Guitar: fender telecaster , orange dark terror amp, a modest pedalboard ( basically only looper, reverb, distortion) and a nondescript cabinet thrown together by some guy we bought it cheaply from. We revorded with the eternal sm57
drums: Very nice Quality but small. Basically a superb jazz kit. Pearl Masters custom Maple 18" BD and 14" FT + a 14" Pearl brass snare, 14" Ufip hi-hat and 21" ride. Recorded with stereo overhead, BD micand two mics in different configurations for snare and floor tom.
Our recording room is very big ,so we could shape the sound with absorbers and recorded with a nice room mic.
Midrange Focusrite Interface directly recorded into ardour. Everything done with basic plugins, mostly the calf suite. We are pretty bad at the audio engineering part :slight_smile:

hope that helps! And thanks again.

Stunning album guys. I love your sound and unique signatures.

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Hi guys,

Like the tunes. Like the guitar playing a lot.

The mix level did seem a little low, don’t know if that was “bandcamp” thing. But did feel like had to crank it up to hear what was going on.

Also, would be nice to hear something in the bass frequencies. Don’t necessarily have to get a bass player… :), but maybe some pedal tones to help fill in the low end.

Overall, liked it lot. Keep on, keepin’ on.

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I’m only one track in, but I definitely ear bass guitar in it. Anyways, if all these songs are this quality I’ll definitely be buying. This is great stuff, thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for the love, guys! We don’t have a bassist or use a bass guitar, so what cchoowee said is definitely right. Some low notes would be nice, but we suck at using effects. We mostly use the natural sound of our instruments with very little adjustments. Maybe that will change in the future and we try to learn more about FX right now.
The Volume is around -18 LUFS, a bit lower than the maximum allowed average loudness. We don’t like the sound of compression too much, especially on the drums. And the loudness management done by the popular music services allows us to just use the level we are comfortable with. But it’s definitely up for debate, wether we should have mixed it differently. We could have done everything better and hopefully we will the next time we record.
THX again!