Match recorded tempo while keeping Midi notes in sync with recorded audio


I’d love to get some help on this problem I have run into many times by now.

I often start by creating and tweaking a sequence on a SQ-1 sequencer driving a synth and then improvise over that sequence with other instruments while recording all the audio and all the MIDI.

Is there an easy way to match the tempo of the recorded Midi in Ardour? Like setting bar markers to selected notes of the recorded Midi in order to derive the tempo from them? (Think of “this note is on the one of bar 1 that note is on the one of bar 2. Now, please, Ardour match the tempo and adjust bar markers.”)

I haven’t found a nice way to do it, yet, and when I try to match the tempo manually by moving bar markers as described in [1] the recorded audio gets out of sync with the Midi notes. So if there’s no easy automated way is there at least a means to lock the Midi notes to the audio recording that I have overlooked?

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Hi! May be this video could help:

Thank you, but that works with audio recordings ony. Try that with recorded midi notes and you’ll see the midi notes moving along with the bar markers (a note starting on “the one” will stay on “the one” wherever you move the bar marker).

I think I got you idea. Plying with MIDI region position options (context menu - ‘Lock’ & ‘Glue to Bars and Beats’) has no desired effect, unfortunately. As a variant - export your recorded MIDI to audio → then use time warp.
But may be there’s some option to lock notes position in the region… I didn’t find yet/

The ability to temporarily ‘lock’ all midi events to the sample-timeline, while adjusting the BBT-timeline to match them, is a critical feature that was made possible by the last 2 years of development on NuTempo.

Unfortunately there is no way to access this functionality yet, in v7.1.

I don’t think this will happen very soon. But it is definitely on our roadmap, and something that we want to accomplish as part of the NuTempo initiative.

-Ben at Harrison


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