mastering with jamin

i’ve got jamin working by using an insert on my master channel, pre-fader for the send and return to jamin. it’s working great but i’d like to know if it’s possible to automate the scenes. i’m mastering a whole record and am going to be exporting to make a master disc with cd regions so i’d like to be able to use a different scene for each track so that i can control leveling and eq. jamin installed a ladspa jamin controller plugin that looks like it was meant to control scenes but it only shows scene 1 and cannot be changed.

how can i automate these scenes?

jeremy boyd

The jamin controller uses OSC (Open sound Control) for controlling jamin scene changes. Enable OSC in Ardour, and it will probably work.


using the jamin controller plugin on my 32bit-single-processor machine works good, but on my 64bit-phenom-quad the scenes just do not get changed with the plugin.
i am 100% sure that i am not doing anything wrong, cause i am able to adjust the plugin on my 32bit system to work properly.


I have a Core 2 Duo 32bit system. Works excellent. I suspect the issue has a connection with the 64bit architecture. I would suggest you’d compile jamin if you did not do it, it may help (maybe ?)
If you did, that’s irrelevant then…

yes, it is selfcompiled…