Mastering with Ardour : Pq, Isrc and CD text editor , redbook CD burner and DDP creator

Hello ,

new with ardour : I am instaling it !
Software like sadie, SoundBlade , Sequoia offer the possibility to edit directly in the EDL PQ code also Isrc and CD text.
They also offer the possibility to burn directly from the software a redbook audio CD or export a DDP set file for replication .
With Sadie ( and beleive also soundblade) it is possible to burn a 16bit / 44.1 kHz redbook audio Cd directly from a 24 bit 96 kHz session : sadie makes the SRC and the dithering . You only have to edit your pq codes and clik “burn”.
This funcion permits to work fast and give in 10 minutes a audio CD to the productor after a day of recording (very apreciate …).
My question is : is this funcion can be add to ardour ?
How much can it cost to have something similar to the sadie or magix system ?
I am 100 % ok to pay hundreds of $ for that
Many thanks

Welcome to Ardour.

  • it seems odd that someone would pay to add functionality to software they had not even used yet :)
  • it is unlikely that we are ever going to add CD burning directly from Ardour. It conflicts with almost every principle of good tool design. On Linux there are a variety of excellent tools for burning CDs, all with their own useful and sometimes complex UIs. There seems little reason to try to duplicate the work involved in creating and maintaining those programs. The one thing that argues against this is the idea that you want the data on CD but not on disk first. Right low, this is not considered an important use case. Export your session (with a CD TOC file) and then use crddao or another tool to burn to disk. Convenient? Probably not as much as Sadie etc. Flexible? yes.
  • DDP export is being looked at by a couple of people.
  • burning directly to CD without going through the filesystem first would be a major piece of work. I'd estimate that it would take at least two weeks of solid work by a skilled programmer, possibly as much as two months to really get it working correctly. There are a lot of complications that would need careful attention.