Mastering - tracks within the same region?

Hi all,
I’m still in the process of mastering and right now I have a project each track, basically I work them separately trying to use the same setups for the effects.
However I was wondering about putting the tracks together within the same region, one after the other.
In this way I can use the same identical setup for all the tracks.
But when I have to export them, I’ll have a single file that need to be cutted.
What if I import the tracks in the project? I’ll have them one after the other, each with its region.
I’ll add a couple busses for the effect and I’ll use the send of each track to the busses.
But when I’m going to export them, will it work? If I mute all the tracks except the one I have to export, will I have the file related to that track? Or I’ll have all the tracks together?
Dunno if I’ve been clear enough.
Thank you

By “putting the tracks together within the same region”, I presume you mean putting all your “CD tracks” into one “Ardour track” as separate regions, one after the other. That’s what I usually start with when I have a mastering project.

Then, you can add range markers for each region by selecting them all, right-clicking, and choosing “Selected regions | Ranges | Add range marker per region”. To get separate files for each range, use the “Time Span” tab in the Export dialogue, where you can choose which ranges to export.

Hope that helps!

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Hi there Colin,
yes I mean putting them together on the same row, to be clearer.
Right now I’ve tried to import and place them in different regions, one above the other, as I’d record different instruments.
I connected the send of each track to the first bus/effect I have to use.
I’ll try in this way, then I’ll change and try the way you told me.