Mastering Plugins

When you master a song, which plugins do you use for that?
On windows there are for example Ozone or T-Racks. Which plugins do you use on Linux?

I use and like these:

I also use Uhe Presswerk and Satin: Presswerk: Compression with musical soul | u-he
Satin: Tape simulation | u-he

Harrison Consoles also has some excellent offerings: AVA Plugins - Music Recording Software for Audio Post Production - Harrison Audio Consoles

I’ve recently become a big fan of Lens: Auburn Sounds - Lens, Crystal Clear Multiband Compander

If you want Open Source then others will give better guidance, I personally have found it difficult to put a satisfying recipe of Open Source Plugins together for Mastering in particular although there are literally hundreds of great Open Source effects and dynamics Plugins out there…

Used carefully Barry’s Satan Maximizer and the x42 Limiter can give decent results on certain material…

*Added note:
An excellent free Limiter is Loudmax, it is a Windows/Mac VST Plugin with a new Linux LADSPA port… (I’m not sure why the developer chose LADSPA, hopefully it will lead to a future Linux VST3) In it’s native Windows VST format it works very well with Linux and yabridge but I understand many people don’t like bridging Windows Plugins. The AV Linux ISO contains the ACMT Plugin demos, The Harrison AVA Demos and an older version of Loudmax in a working yabridge setup if you want to try them all together with Ardour, you don’t have to install anything just a live USB boot to have a look, if you like 'em then get them and install them in whatever system you use now…


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